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[AcmeCatz Press Releases]

Recession Continues; so does search for platinum replacement
AcmeCatz.com (Mar 16th, 2008)

Rand Drops Again as Gold Climbs to Record Highs
AcmeCatz.com (Feb 29th, 2008)

Commodities rise; speculation that precious metals will be hedge once more
AcmeCatz.com (Feb 25th, 2008)

"Everybody's a seller; not buyer"
AcmeCatz.com (Feb 9th, 2008)

Thieves target catalytic converters; becoming common occurrence
AcmeCatz.com (Feb 2nd, 2008)

Precious Metals continue to surge as global markets are boosted
AcmeCatz.com (Feb 2nd, 2008)

Breaking news on South African Mining and Precious Metals.
AcmeCatz.com (Jan 29th, 2008)

"Perfect Storm" amidst gold rush, W. Coast flooding, S. Africa power outages
AcmeCatz.com (Jan 27th 2008)

Breaking news as of January 22, 2008 on Precious Metals in the Global Market
AcmeCatz.com (Jan 22nd, 2008)

ACME Cat Cutters are Here!

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