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ACME Cat Cutters®

Are you looking for a convenient, safe, and inexpensive way to effectively and efficiently remove catalytic converters from vehicles or trim them for shipment?

ACME Cat Cutters® is the answer to your collection and processing needs.

Developed by our own full-time in-house machinist, and backed by a satisfaction guarantee*,
ACME Cat Cutters® are just the tool your operation is in need of. Eliminate the need for Sawz-all replacement blades, or the toxic gasses of a cutting torch.

With ACME Cat Cutters® one person working alone can safely and effectively remove a catalytic converter from a vehicle in under sixty seconds cutting time. ACME Cat Cutters® are capable of cutting through the thickest of exhaust metals, including heat shields and flanges, and will drastically improve your ability to harvest catalytic converters.

Photographs, pricing, online and faxable order forms are coming soon!

Call now for more information:
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